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This is the .PDF version of the Total Health and Fitness Makeover. 

The Total Health and Fitness Makeover is for those who are ready to start their own transformation journey, live a longer life, and become a stronger person for themselves and their families.

The book is designed to help explain nutrition and exercise in an easy-to-understand, how-to format. For those tired of reading books promising weight loss success by slashing calories and living off juice diets and smoothies, the The Total Health and Fitness Makeover teaches the reader how to start slow and build a better life--not how to go on a diet, yo-yo with weight gain, and eventually fail.

Readers will learn about the five basic elements of better health, and how to apply doable practices to their every-day routines that will help them become successful, fitter, happier, and stronger. Readers will learn how to reduce stress, how to use food for fuel, and how to reach their goals without excessive measures. Readers will be handed over knowledge on how to choose smarter foods; what macro- and micronutrients are and how to use them optimally in food selection; and readers will be given the tools for implementing proper exercise, stretching, and even sleep and meditation routines. The Total Health and Fitness Makeover is designed for the every-day person who want to live healthier and happier--every day.

The Total Health and Fitness Makeover book also provides readers with access to a private Facebook group; charts, tips, graphs, and lists to help guide each person’s personal transformation; and every chapter concludes with a “Get Started Now” section to help readers know exactly how to start with each new bit of information learned. Throughout the book, readers will find both success stories and motivational tips written by “real people” who have experienced their own transformations by overcoming their own struggles with food and exercise.

Optimal health and a strong, well-balanced body doesn’t just have to be a dream: it’s real, doable, and within each and every person’s reach. The Total Health and Fitness Makeover is all about bringing you the dream and helping you take your life back--one step at a time. 

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Total Health and Fitness Makeover eBook (PDF Version)

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